The Very Good Butchers Seeks a Very Good Person to Win Vegan Meat for a Year

November 16, 2020
Vancouver, British Columbia, November 16, 2020 - Plant-based meat company The Very Good Butchers is looking for a Very Good Person --  someone who’s made a difference, someone who embodies kindness, someone who thinks of others -- to receive a year’s worth of vegan meat. 

The holiday season giveaway asks Very Good customers to nominate a Very Good Person, in a sentence or two, and explain why they deserve to be The Very Good Butchers Very Good Person this year. The nominator of the Very Good Person will also receive vegan meat for a year. The contest runs from November 16-December 1, 2020. 

“Many very good people are struggling right now and we want to recognize and give holiday cheer to someone special by giving them, and the person who appreciates them, a special gift that also supports a plant-based diet,” said Mitchell Scott, co-founder and CEO of The Very Good Butchers. “This is our way of spreading goodness and saying ‘thank you’ to our Very Good customers, who have helped us realize our dream of being the West Coast’s leading vegan butcher.”

The giveaway offers a first, second and third prize along with a variety of runner up prizes. The grand prize will be awarded to both the nominee and the nominator, where the following prizes will be awarded to the person who entered the contest. 

  • First Prize: One year of VGB Big Box & Swag for the winner and their nominator (Approx $2500 retail)
  • Second Prize: Three months of Very Good Box & Swag for the winner and their nominator (Approx $350 retail)
  • Third Prize: One month of Very Good Box & Swag (Approx $150 retail)
  • Runner Up: Bangers, Burgers and Taco Stuff’er & Swag for five nominees and nominators (Approx $50 retail)

Those interested in nominating a Very Good Person should visit Nominators and recipients must be located in Canada (excluding Quebec) or the United States. 

Do you know a Very Good Person that deserves to win a year's worth of #veganmeat from @VeryGoodButcher (bonus: you'll win a prize too!)? A variety of other prizes available.

The Very Good Butchers handcrafts quality plant-based meats with whole-food ingredients by butchering beans, not animals. The company makes plant-based eating as approachable, nutritious, and delicious as possible with protein that’s Very Good for Very Good people, animals and the planet. Popular products include burgers, sausages, bacon, pepperoni, steak, roasts, and more. 

More details of the giveaway can be found on The Very Good Butchers website.

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About The Very Good Food Company
The Very Good Food Company Inc. is an emerging plant-based food technology company that designs, develops, produces, distributes, and sells a variety of plant-based meat and other food alternatives. Its mission is to employ plant-based food technology to create products that are delicious while maintaining a wholesome nutritional profile. To date, it has developed a core product line under The Very Good Butchers brand. The company is publicly traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the symbol VERY and in the United States on the OTCQB Market under the symbol VRYYF. For more information visit

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