15 Vegan Cleaning Products

Did you know that detergents and household cleaning products may have up to 5 to 10 animal products in them? 

Expert label-readers catch a lot, but even the labels don’t tell it all. There are many ingredients in all consumables (food, cleaning products, soaps, etc) that you may not know are secretly animal products.  There’s a fine-line between “organic products” and “vegan products” that a lot of major brands don’t give full transparency around. 

Try it for yourself. Pick up a cleaning product in your house and look for some of the most commonly-found animal products in cleaning products: 

  • Caprylic acid (sourced from milk)
  • Tallow (rendered beef fat)
  • Animal glycerol and stearic acid (animal fats)
  • Animal lecithin (waxy nervous tissue)
  • Oleyl alcohols (sourced from fish)

Finding cruelty-free, certifiably-vegan, environmentally-green cleaning products (that actually work) is a scavenger hunt like no other. We’ve compiled a list of cleaning brands that work to save the planet (and your time searching)!


Vegan Cleaning Products


1. Nature Clean

Since 1963, this company has been chemical-free. They offer all kinds of cleaning products from dishwashing to kids care to produce cleaners. On top of being vegan, all their products are gluten free, biodegradable, septic tank-safe, and dermatologist-tested. 


2. Method

Method fully discloses all ingredients on each cleaning product, while making sure the bottles are as green as possible. All their bottles are made from recycled materials (a portion of which are post-consumer recycled plastics), are recyclable, and are refillable. They are completely cruelty-free and do not test on animals.


3. Astonish 

Right on the home page, Astonish highlights that it is a cruelty-free, vegan-approved brand. All packaging is recyclable. All contents are biodegradable and made from plant-derived ingredients. They’re a very natural choice.


4. Attitude 

For every product bought, a tree is planted. All products are vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, ecologo-certified, and EWG-verified (very difficult to qualify for, read more about EWG here ). Check out their many products ranging from pet and personal care to household cleaning.


5. Sun and Earth

Sun & Earth dedicates themselves to creating plant-based cleaning products that actually work. Not only are they vegan, but they are a 2nd chance company. The company runs an employment program that helps hard-to-hire individuals find jobs, which is a unique route of corporate responsibility. Their perks include:
  • Safe ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • USDA-certified bio-based products
  • Recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Subtle aromas from essential oils

6. Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers creates home and body care products that have “garden-inspired scents”, a “cruelty-free formula”, and “recyclable packaging”. Plus, each one is “made with essential oils & other thoughtfully chosen ingredients”. Mrs. Meyers is great for those who love flower-scented goodness.


7. AspenClean

AspenClean products are all EWG-, Ecocert-, and Leaping Bunny-certified.  (Leaping Bunny is another difficult certification, read more here). All ingredients are 100% natural and specifically recommended for people with allergies and other sensitivities. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so no sweat.


8. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a model in corporate responsibility. Their mission is to nurture the health of the next 7 generations to come. They are all about ingredient transparency and providing cleaning products sustainably. They have a whole slew of certifications that you can check out here.


9. Nellie’s

Nellie’s was started by a son who wanted to pursue his mother’s dream of green cleaning products. They make products recyclable, refillable, biodegradable… all while keeping that Leaping Bunny certification. Check out their website here.

Also, their Meet the Family page is awesome... you gotta see it!


10. BioKleen

This company was built out of a salesman’s distaste in selling chemical-ridden, harmful products from a chemical supply agency. Since 1989, BioKleen has been making greener, healthier products for home and family life. They state that every product is cruelty-free, vegan, and toxin-free. Plus, all packaging is made from highly recyclable materials.

Fun fact: Their website has settings to adapt to the needs of people with disabilities. That’s a rare and powerful find.


11. Smol

Every Smol product is made without plastic and is Leaping Bunny-certified. Packaging is plastic-free and has child locks to protect little fingers from reaching in. So you never get caught without it, Smol has a subscription option to send you your necessary products monthly to your door. Also, there is no middleman, so that means more savings for you! 


12. Truce Clean 

Their mission? “to provide peace of mind through the creation of safe, simple and effective products made from familiar and traditional ingredients.” They make everything cruelty-free, safe for children and small pets, and with “no-nonsense ingredients” for an efficient, green clean. They try to only ship in cases, so they can reduce packaging by 50%. That’s a new, green way to do business.


13. Common Good

There are absolutely no animal-products coming from this brand. All formulas are biodegradable and plant-based and send it in a refillable glass bottle They only use 100% essential oil scents, free of chemicals. Call on them for all your dishwashing, laundry, hand soap, and surface needs.


14. Puracy

Puracy started 6 years ago by two friends looking to make safe, plant-based cleaning products for their newborn daughters. Each product is carefully crafted to be safe for families and the environment. To create quality products, they have partnered with multiple high-achieving doctors. Another interesting section of their website is their ingredients tab, where they explain why and how they use each ingredient. They have won multiple awards for their ingenuity and mission-driven goals. Check it out here.


15. Cleanwell

Cleanwell was “born from a father’s love for his son with an immune system disorder”. Many chemical-rich products can be harmful to people with autoimmune disorders. They create products with family, pets, and the planet in mind. The company works to continually grow their knowledge in their field to make their products better for the world and their customers. Cleanwell is certifiably vegan through PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” program. All products are American-assembled and are sourced worldwide.

Fun fact: None of their products are made with nuts, nut oils, or gluten for allergy-sensitive households.


The Final Wipe Down

Just by reading, you’re on your way to simplifying your earthly impact. Each of these plant-based products keep your home sparkling without a negative impact on the environment and our animal friends. You know at The Very Good Butchers we believe in butchering beans, not animals, and that goes well beyond food! 

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