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James has been a Chef for over 10 years, working in the UK and Canada. Originally trained in classic French cuisine, he became interested in vegetarian and vegan cooking when he moved to the West Coast in 2012. James handles all of the product and menu development for The Very Good Butchers as well as the day to day kitchen operations.


Tania began cooking and baking in professional kitchens 5 years ago. Having grown up in a mainly vegan household, she has always been inspired by plant-based foods and holistic nutrition.

James and Tania met working together in a vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver, and moved to Denman Island with their son in early 2016.

Mitchell joined The Very Good Butchers shortly after their first summer at the Denman Farmer's Market. He grew up on Denman Island and now lives in Victoria B.C. He's responsible for the business operations and marketing of The Very Good Butchers.


  • when will your products be available in Richmond area?

    Joyce Magee
  • It would be great if you could provide the nutrient breakdown of your food, especially the number of and types of carbohydrates.

  • Aer your products available in Ontario? If not, I would love to help lauch it here!

  • Are your products Kosher or Halal? Any plans to get these certifications? Thanks

    Scott Kotzen
  • Hi there,
    We would like to know the ingredients used in making the meats due to food allergies. You do deliver to the US correct?


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