Meet Ana, Plant-Based Food Company President

Mission: Change the way the world eats, and secure a long-term global food supply.

Let’s talk about Ana, a people-focused leader who has joined The Very Good Food Company to unlock our collective potential. With a strong background in the plant-based food market, she comes to us ready to lead the charge into the 21st century. We plan on changing a few minds about plant-based eating and she’s got our back in the process. So get ready for a whole lot of love for the environment, animals, human rights and plant-based food. 

We are not just talking about vegan or vegetarian dietary choices. Plant-based has become more mainstream as consumers gravitate, even if only one day a week, towards plant-based protein. Innovation and technology in this area have developed immensely over the last few years. Innovation has helped companies to deliver consumers the taste they are craving.” 

Ana is incredible. Recently, she spent five years with a plant-based food company where she navigated acquisitions throughout a rapidly growing company, all while being family-centric and people-focused. 

In a world where women can make their mark, Ana has made hers. As a child, she dreamed of travelling the world with Jacques Cousteau and set out to do just that. She became an environmental engineer to fulfill that ambition to save the world. Although the dream of travelling with Jacques Cousteau may not have become a reality, she’s still working towards saving the world, through plant-based food. 

The plant-based foods movement is here to stay; fortunately, it is not a trend. Not only have we seen a significant shift in people’s food preferences, but awareness of the impact that food supply has on animals and the planet has grown alongside it.”

Early in her career, she travelled to Canada, where she moved into financial leadership roles in order to drive the world-saving goals of the companies where she worked (just a little different than environmental engineering, but just as effective). 

So why vegan food? Her answer is kind, smart and sustainable. Animals hold a special place in her heart, like so many of us at The Very Good Butchers (VGB), along with the planet and people. The potential of this market is huge and the plant-based industry is a solution to the long-term global food supply needs. 

There are so many challenges and rewards that go along with being a part of a high-growth company. It invigorates me to contribute to a company that is making a difference in the plant-based sector.” 

What drove Ana to VGB was its people, especially James and Mitchell, and their raw passion and tenacity. Their vision is the spirit of the company and the whole VGB family. We’re a motivated and energetic group of people with the collective potential to achieve great success in the plant-based sector. With Ana Silva, joining our forces, we can get there.

"Our incredibly talented team is driving forward several important projects for the organization, such as significant capacity expansion in Canada and the U.S. and flagship stores in Victoria and Vancouver. We are also launching Steak and Ribz in additional retailers and regions, followed by a new product line soon. We are very busy at Very Good Food Co. and having a blast."


“Leadership is a privilege we must earn every day."
- Ana Silva

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