Top 5 Fan Favourite Recipes

We've asked our Very Good fans what recipes were there favourites and these were the front runners. Get messy with the butchers version of a pulled "pork" sandwich, veg out on a "meat" filled omelette, warm up with one-pot minestrone, switch it up with some asian inspired meatballs and indulge on a classic-style lasagna. 

Let the good times roll with these top 5 classic Very Good recipes, see the recipes below.

The Very Good BBQ Pulled Jack Sandwich

One of our all-time favourite things to do with jackfruit is turn it into a messy, saucy, tangy sandwich that will have you licking your fingers (and your bibs). It's so good, you'll likely fool a few meat-eaters into thinking they're chowing down on more than plants.



Very Good Butchers Omelette and Scramble


We are providing the basics to make your morning a little tastier. To complete your omelette or scramble, just add all your favourite fillings. 



Healthy One-Pot Minestrone Soup

Photo Recipe Credit: @jazzminkaita

Warm-up with a healthy no-mess one-pot soup. Jazzmin has stuffed it full of plant-based goodness that your tastebuds will not want to miss. 



Asian Glazed Meatballs 

Photo & Recipe Credit: @jazzminkaita

Who says you need meat to have meatballs?! Our Taco Stuff'er provides the perfect texture for succulent, hearty alternative meatball. Paired with a sticky, sweet, Asian-inspired glaze, steamed veggies and crunchy sesame seeds - this recipe is a home run. Get it...(meat)balls, home run...



Quick & Easy Plant-based Lasagna 

Photo & Recipe Credit: @christa.maria

 Discover this classic dish featuring pasta, tomato sauce, onions, cheese and more! Layers of cheesy goodness mix and mingle with The Very Good Burger to create an unforgettable mouthful of this family classic.


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