17 BBQ Pulled JackFruit Recipes

You might be thinking, Jack who? Well we'd like to cordially introduce you to one of our closest friends, jackfruit (don't tell Bertie). It's the perfect plant-based replacement because of it's meat-like texture and ability to take on any flavour you throw at it.

Get inspired with these 16 ideas to use VGB BBQ Pulled Jackfruit for a delicious plant-based meal. Click the titles for recipe links!

Very Good BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich

One of our all-time favourite things to do with jackfruit is turn it into a messy, saucy, tangy sandwich that will have you licking your fingers (and your bibs). It's so good, you'll likely fool a few meat-eaters into thinking they're chowing down on more than plants.

Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Pizza


Vegan pizza? Yes please. Very Good BBQ Pulled Jackfruit is a fantastic choice to make this dish a breeze to prepare. Add an extra splash of your favourite sauce to turn it up a notch.

BBQ Jackfruit Nachos

BBQ Jackfruit Nachos

Recipe/Image credit: doradaily.com

Try a spin on this classic snack by adding VGB BBQ Pulled Jackfruit on top. You can use your favourite plant-based cheese but we’d recommend The Cultured Nut Captain Pepper Jack for a kick of heat.

Pulled Jackfruit Bowls 


Bowls are a great way to add colour to your diet and get creative. The crunch from fresh vegetables and tangy, hickory smoke from BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, is a combination you're unlikely to forget.

Roasted Veggies with Jackfruit

Roasted Veggies with Jackfruit

Recipe/Image credit: veganricha.com

On those lazy nights, it’s nice to chop up some fresh veggies, toss them in the oven, and forget about them. Pair with our BBQ Pulled Jackfruit for a delicious meal on the fly.


Vegan Gyros with Pulled Jackfruit


Gyros are amazing little pockets of flavour. Thanks to the mix of fresh herbs, veggies and that creamy plant-based tzatziki, VGB BBQ Pulled Jackfruit adds the tangy flavour and hearty tecture to tie this recipe together.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Jackfruit

Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Jackfruit

Recipe/Image credit: keepinitkind.com

Fresh summer rolls make the perfect vessel for enjoying our BBQ Pulled Jackfruit on those hot, sunny days.  

Vegan Bao Buns with Pulled Jackfruit 


Yep, this is pretty darn close to plant-based heaven. Make it even easier and faster to enjoy these delicious bao buns by using Very Good BBQ Pulled Jackfruit.

Jackfruit Burritos

Jackfruit Burritos

Recipe/Image credit: discoverdelicious.org

Put a spin spin on this Mexican classic by subbing in Very Good BBQ Pulled Jackfruit. The flavour combination with the rice and beans will have you loading up your plate more than once. The bonus: extra guac is free. 

Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Tacos 


We're starting a petition to make Taco Tuesday an every night affair. Ramp up the flavour by adding Very Good Butchers BBQ Pulled Jackfruit. All you need is to heat it up in a pan with your favourite taco style sauce and it’ll be hard to resist having this recipe every night!

Jackfruit Taquitos

Jackfruit Taquitos

Recipe/Image credit: darngoodveggies.com

A perfect snack on the go or a wonderful finger food, these taquitos are packed full of flavour. Forget the cans of jackfruit and throw in our ready-to-go BBQ Pulled Jackfruit instead. You can thank us later.

Pulled Jackfruit Bahn-Mi Sandwiches


Banh-Mi is the Vietnamese word for bread and you're definitely missing out if you've never tried a Banh-Mi sandwich. This delicious baguette has a variety of fresh ingredients, including VGB BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, that make it a tangy, crunchy flavour bomb you won't be able to stop thinking about.

Instant Pot Posole with Jackfruit

Recipe/Image credit: triedandtrueblog.com

Tired of the same Instant Pot recipes? This vegan posole is just the dish to spice things up. Our  BBQ Pulled Jackfruit can be swapped for the canned jackfruit - just make sure to add it at the end after cooking instead to avoid a mushy texture.

Southern BBQ Jackfruit Spring Rolls


Jackfruit spring rolls you say? Once you go jackfruit, you never go back. Pop our BBQ Pulled Jackfruit inside for a unique twist that will have you coming back for more.

Vegan Jackfruit Pot Pie

Vegan Jackfruit Pot Pie

Recipe/Image credit: soydivisionblog.com

Nothing says comfort food like pot pie. Take things to the next level by adding in our BBQ Pulled Jackfruit for a smokey, hearty twist.

Jackfruit Crab Cakes 

Jackfruit Crab Cakes

The perfectly crispy panko breading on the outside and our juicy pulled jackfruit inside is a match made in heaven. Don't be fooled by their golden brown exterior, these patties have a light, tangy taste from the fresh dill and lemon that won't leave you with that blah heavy feeling.

Recipe/Image credit: Jazzmin Kaitaz


Jack of All Trades Nachos

Jack of All Trades Nachos | Vegan Recipes

Jack is back at it again and this time he is whipping up a game day favourite. These nachos make a great snack, or a quick dinner. Topped with The Very Good Butchers BBQ Jackfruit, Cultured Nut cheeze sauce, and all your favourite toppings you’ll likely be tossing together more than one plate of these this holiday season.

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