A Big Box of (Vegan) Meat

A Big Box of (Vegan) Meat

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This is a Very Good, Very Big, Box of Meat.
All of our meats are made from a selection of beans, veggies, herbs and spices, and wheat flour to bind it all together. They are vegan, organic, and delicious.

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Your Big Box of Vegan Meat will include:
2 Packs of Very Good Burgers
1 Pack of Smokin' Burgers
1 Pack of Smokin' Bangers
1 Pack of Very British Bangers
2 Packs of Taco Stuff'er
1 Pack of BBQ Jackfruit 
2 Packs of Rybs
2 Packs of Pepperoni

That's a total of 12 burgers, 8 sausages, and a whole lot more organic, vegan, meat.

Your order will be prepared fresh and shipped to you frozen in an insulated box with ice packs. Everything is good in the fridge for a month and also freezes really well. It should take us 1-2 weeks to prepare and ship your order, you'll get an email with tracking information as soon as it ships.

Customer Reviews

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Arrived at room temperature,...

I did have to wait quite some time to get my order, but I do understand that you guys got flooded with orders, so that is great. The biggest issue I had was that despite the obvious good packing you did, my box arrived with the food packets at room temperature and the cold packs just water. I put them in my freezer but I'm worried that they may be off. Could you please comment? Will they still be OK to eat? I haven't tried anything yet because I'm worried about that. thanks.

Great Taco stuffing

So far I have only tried the pepperoni and taco stuffing. The taco stuffing was a great hit. I am going to make pizza next.

Love it!

The Big Box of Vegan Meat is amazing! VGB has by far the best vegan burgers and sausages out there. The vegan “rybs” are probably my favourite food - and you can’t find anything like it anywhere else. Highly recommend!

Good stuff

The products are very tasty, top notch. But I'd like to see a nutrition facts sheet on them.

The box was not big enough. $100 worth of organic mock meats at a big box store would yield at least 25% more on my experience.