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Join the club!
We'll send you a box of delicious plant based meat every month!

Your box will include:

1 pack of The Very Good Burgers or Smokin' Burgers ($11.50)
1 pack of Very British Bangers or Smokin' Bangers ($9.50)
1 pack of Taco Stuff'er  or BBQ Jackfruit ($9.00)
3 Butcher's Choice ($10 value each)

So, you'll be getting $62 worth of product for $50.

Orders will be sent out around the 15th of each month and you'll be provided with tracking information. You can cancel anytime. If you order before the 15th your order will be ready and sent out that month. If you order after the 15th it will go out the next month.

We'll alternate the main items included so one month you'll get Very Good Burgers, Smokin' Bangers, and Taco Stuff'er + 3 butcher's choice items and the next month you'll get Smokin' Burgers, British Bangers, BBQ Jackfruit, and 3 butcher's choice items.

Each month, we'll have 3 different "Butcher's Choice" items included. It could be anything from pepperoni to steaks, roast beast, ribs, or even a brand new product!

One Off Boxes
You can also order a one-off box. These will be shipped out as they're ordered (current wait/processing time for these is 2 weeks)

Local Pick-Up Options:
We offer a monthly pick up/drop off day in Duncan, Nanaimo, The Comox Valley, and Vancouver. You can also pick up your order at our Vegan Butcher shop in Victoria. These pickups are scheduled on our Facebook page and you'll receive a reminder email one week before the pick up date.

We ship the meat in a thermally insulated box. For orders outside the province we will freeze the order before shipping. This should guarantee it's integrity for 3-5 days (potentially longer). 

Product can be refrigerated or refrozen without any loss of quality/taste.We've successfully shipped orders across North America. That being said, you may want to consider selecting a faster shipping option if the shipping calculator estimates it taking longer than 5 days to get to you.

There will be a $7 charge (in addition to shipping carrier fees) for orders shipped in B.C. and Alberta and a $10 charge for elsewhere in Canada/North America (so we can use cooler packaging and more ice/gel packs)

Important: This $7/$10 charge is in addition to shipping carrier fees. This pays for a special cooler box and ice packs which will ensure your order gets there safe and sound. Shipping carrier fees (Canada Post/USPS can range from $15-$30 for this box)

Orders outside of BC/Alberta will be frozen before shipping to help ensure the product arrives cold. Product can be refrigerated or refrozen without any loss of quality/taste.

Special Requests?
We'll be releasing different boxes in the future and hope to allow some minor customization options. In the meantime, feel free to email us if you have any questions or requests.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Love everything but...

I love all the products until I tried the Schwarma jackfruit. Instantly turned off. I see some people liked it, yikes haha! I looooove the taco stuffing meat... yum yum!

Very very good butchers indeed!

Great products! Loved the burgers and the rest of the selection. The bacon wasn't exactly a hit with us but the flavour was nice. Very excited to see more from this innovative team! Keep crushing it! Cheers from Wize Monkey CEO ;)


I have already emailed you. The package was not delivered on the day the confimation stated. i dont know where it was sent to , but not to my house. The temperature was apoximately 40 degress on the alleged delivery day. When i opened the box the celophane bags were puffed up .... not safe to eat i am sure. It was a total waste of money. We were so looking forward to trying your product. I hope you can see your way to making this right.
Sheila Miller

Very Good is right!

Everything was delicious! Can’t wait to try more.


Love all products so far!