Meat The Butchers: Rowan S.

Welcome back to another instalment of Meat the Butchers!


This is Rowan, our Front of House and Production mate. Rowan has been a part of the team since june, but as Mitchell’s younger brother he has been around VGB for a long time. Outside of work, Rowan enjoys playing soccer, chilling with friends, and enjoying walks in nature. Rowan’s favourite food item is our Pickle Rick Burger, but not without his Yerba Mate in hand. If Rowan had to pick a power animal, he’d have to be a koala bear. “It’s the perfect halfway point between a sloth and a panda.”

Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team, and thank you again Rowan!

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  • I just want to thank you for the wonderful holiday meat box. I have a fussy vegetarian teenage daughter( the only vegetarian in the family so far!) who absolutely loved everything in the box! She ate practically half the turky herself(and she is not a big eater)! Even her meat loving brothers enjoyed some as well. Looking forward to many more orders from you. Happy Holidays to you all!! PS I also have a son named Rowan S who looks a lot like your Rowan…karma!!

    Julia Somerville le

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