Very Good Taco Stuff'er

Very Good Taco Stuff'er

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Taco Stuff’er - This is some AAA grade ground bean, might just be the best thing you’ve got to stuff your taco with yet. Unlike beef or veggie ground, this is full of texture and pushes a new level of taco.

Lightly taco seasoned, so you can get creative and stuff it in all your favourite dishes and add your favourite spices. With an average of 368 gram packages no one will be fighting for the “meat”. This is sure to fool, fill, and be a hit this taco-tuesday.

Total Weight: 368 Grams/13 oz.
Ingredients: Organic Navy Beans, Organic Vital Wheat Gluten, Organic Pearl Barley, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Tomato Paste, Nutritional Yeast with B12, Herbs and Spices
Vegan, Organic, Hand-Crafted

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